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Website Information/Updates

Class Website:

The design of the website has changed so that viewing the site pages automatically responds to the type of device you are using to access it. No need to slide the screen to view the entire page.

The site navigation changed as well. Instead of the quick links for Member Functions on the left side of the page. Click on each of the icons in the upper right to access the information.

  1. The envelope is the Message Center. If a classmate sends you a message through the website, it will appear here. A red dot on the icon will indicate that you have a new message.
  2. The bell is for alerts.
  3. Click on the silhouette icon which takes you to the Classmate Login.

Once logged in to the website, this icon is where you will find a drop-down list for:

Other page navigation has also been changed. The names and some of the content has been rearranged for top navigation categories as well as the left-hand menu topics. If you scroll over one of the top categories with a down arrow next to it (), there are subpages beneath it. Dropdowns appear that you then click on to see the content. For topics in the left-hand menu, a side pointing arrow () appears and you can click on the 'fly-out' links to view the content on those pages.